We have two premises on West Argyle Street.

Café Margot above the North West Outdoors outdoor equipment shop which after being completely refurbished and re-equipped offers an excellent breakfast, lunch time and afternoon tea menu which is prepared and offered with the utmost attention to service, quality and provenance. We cater as a matter of course for vegetarians and vegans as well as those with other specific dietary requirements (we make our own gluten free bread, cakes and biscuits as well as dairy free gelato etc). There are speciality coffees and teas plus delicious cakes, a small selection of our own gelato, pastries, biscuits & scones, bread and rolls all made on the premises.

“Cafe Margot... to go” at No 4 provides a take away option of our own freshly baked rolls, stuffed with exciting fillings, delicious salads, biscuits, cakes, pastries, tea, speciality coffees and artisan gelato made on the premises. The perfect place to pop in for a quick and easy, but delicious take out snack.

Listed in the Herald top 20 in Scotland for its gelato. Finalist in the 5th Scottish Food awards 2018 in the dessert category

For full information please see our Food and Drink Menus and In Depth sections.



(01854) 613004


West Argyle Street


IV26 2TY

(Above North West Outdoors)


M-Sa 8am - 5pm
Su 8am - 4pm

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Hot chocolate



Around 40 years ago, already hooked on Tea, Stephen was sauntering in a gay and nonchalant fashion around Covent Garden when he stumbled upon a Tea Emporium that led to a Damascene experience. He entered the ancient wooden portal to find an elderly gentleman with the demeanour and bearing of a butler’s butler dispensing exotic teas from wooden shelves groaning under the weight of a cornucopia of fabulous leaves. Drury Tea & Coffee Company destroyed Stephen’s life - he could no longer bustle down to the local supermarket or even Deli in his home town... Tea was now a commodity to be ordered on the telephone and savoured with friends in ritualistic gatherings. Other tea suppliers came and went but Drury Teas reigned supreme...

So it was to Drury Teas that Stephen turned when he and Margaret entered the chaotic café fray that was to become their lives - and discovered Speciality Coffee!

And the rest is history as they say...

Drury’s Windmill St and then Gunnery Blend became the mainstay of their first venture alongside the commodity grade (but excellent nonetheless) Cuidado and were so popular that they dare sell no other until Stephen was enticed by the prospect of filter coffee and was able to serve not just the Café Margot filter blend designed and roasted in small batches especially for them by the Drury team but could offer selections from other roasters (in this case Colonna).

Stephen’s tea and coffee journey has since gathered pace and with the coming of Café Margot 2 has seen him doing SCA approved Speciality coffee courses from Seattle to Belfast and London and exploring beyond the realm of Drury (I am sorry Marco - but you were the first!).

So the coffees in Café Margot (as opposed to ‘Café Margot... to go’ which remains true to Drury) will showcase offerings from some of the best roasteries in the U.K. Look out for Dear Green, Square Mile, Caravan, Bailies, Artisan, Colonna, Origin and Drury appearing in some form or another on our changing coffee menu.

The tea journey has been almost as exciting with discoveries like Comins Teas of Bath contributing some stunning teas personally selected by Rob and Michelle, and then Roseveare Tea of Edinburgh, Jeeves & Jericho joining the roster alongside Drury on our menu Board.


Our flours come from a number of millers in the U.K. and France but the bulk is from Wessex Mill

Wessex Mill use locally sourced wheat (95% 30 miles from the mill this year) brought directly from the farmer. They work on their relationship with the farmers with the aim to work together with them for generations. (The remaining 5% this year was further from the mill but was of such quality they decided to travel 60 miles for it!). 

They can tell us exactly which farms our flours come from and they grist carefully - matching 4 different wheats in different proportions to make a consistent flour. They can do this more accurately than most mills as they don't batch wheats together based on protein but keep them in a bin according to their variety and farm i.e Allen's crusoe is in bin 16, Crowmarsh crusoe in bin 17 and Read's zyatt in 20. Instead of gristing by protein levels we grist by gluten quantity and quality we find this to be far more accurate. And given that Emily the Miller is an organic chemist she knows her onions - when it comes to flour! There are 4 kinds of protein in wheat but only 2 create gluten. 

Wessex Mill (fifth generation flour millers) are the smallest commercial roller mill in the country and they mill slowly so as to not heat up the stocks which damages the gluten. 

This approach to milling the flour enables me to produce (if I get my ducks in a row) a beautifully textured and flavoured bread, and I chose to use it after sampling flours from a number of the usual suspects.


Alongside Café Margot we have an amazing photo gallery, with images of the North West Highlands of Scotland by local professional photographer Angus Bruce. Cards, and prints of various sizes, available to buy

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 Margaret’s distant youth was pointing firmly in the direction of her chosen career in catering having been a dab hand at baking before she learned even to shave. Sadly her plans were dashed by the dastardly Stephen who whisked her away to a new life in distant lands whilst he selfishly pursued a degree in Philosophy. They were both, even then, unhealthily passionate about food and drink and many friends suggested they open a restaurant having downed a tipple too many over an evening repast lovingly prepared by their hosts who were now happily pursuing respective careers in Housing Management & Music.

Many years passed and Margaret was enticed back to her native Scotland to run the Post Office in Ullapool until another dastardly figure entered her life and determined that the Post Office service should become leaner and meaner ready for the proposed Privatisation... leaving Margaret with a building, a mortgage and youthful chickens coming home to roost! And now it was her turn to play the dastard’s role and wreak her foul revenge...

Her partner (the original dastard), now retired and rejoicing in his music and philosophical tomes was pulled like a rotting tooth from his cosy life and forced to make coffee, scoop gelato, bake bread and cook beetroot burgers. In short, dear reader, they opened a take out café together in the shell of the old Post Office little knowing that eighteen months hence they would find themselves opening a second food and coffee venue, but this time with seats.

The good news, for them, is that their passions did not recede with the cruel passage of time and the vicissitudes of life, indeed it grew stronger. Stephen now finds a challenge and a pleasure in pulling shots akin to that he experienced playing a perfect line of Bach on his beloved guitar, and finds, sometimes to his chagrin, that his friends prefer it. Margaret on the other hand is still pursuing the perfect scone which is strangely crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.

We hope that you can find pleasure there too!